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On this night the full moon was so bright it was almost like having a street light turned on. Not a cloud in the sky and the stars shining

To stand on a sea cliff´s edge far from any human habitation and watching  the stars and the ocean and hearing it slamming on the rocks below is amazing. You forget everything else and you can´t help thinking of how small you are in the universe


The northern lights have been very active for the past two weeks. Usually you don´t see them so bright over the city because  of light pollution but not this night

Here they are dancing over Reykjavik in all it´s beauty with the mount Esja in the background. Those who have witnessed the magic of the northern lights know how mesmerizing they can be. You just stand and stare up to the sky with your mouth wide open in amazement like an idiot. But I can understand people who travel halfway across the globe just to see this